Pastor Puts Stripper Pole In Church And Tells Congregation To Have Sex Seven Times A Week

Forget rousing hymns and free refreshments one pastor knows how to really draw a crowd to church – install a stripper’s pole next to the pulpit.

Pastor Mike Scruggs has brought the pole, along with a bed, into the Light of Word Ministries in White Oak, Ohio, as part of his new sermon series all about sex.

Unsurprisingly, the first service on Friday, held especially for singletons, had people packing out the pews.

And the schedule of sermons, entitled ‘Battle of the Sexes’, prove that the Pastor is bang on the money when it comes to the differences between men and women.

On one side of the pulpit Pastor Scruggs has placed the stripper pole, video games and sports equipment to represent what men desire.

The Pastor has paid attention to the details – by scattering dollar notes, lacy lingerie and killer high heels at the base of the neon pink pole.

While on the other side of the stage he has strewn candy, roses, teddies bears, and a bottle of wine on a bed to depict the cravings of the fairer sex.

With his stage suitably set up Scruggs plans to inform his larger-than-usual congregation of the best bedroom practices, including how to keep intimacy alive and how to maintain trust in relationships.

And his clearest tip is for married couples to enjoy more sex as he sets them the challenge of having intercourse for a straight seven days.

‘Right now we’re having single people having too much sex and married people not having enough sex,’ he told Fox19.

Taking inspiration from the book , Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse, Scruggs is encouraging couples to have sex every day for a week.

The book, written by Texas-based Pastor Ed Young, promises couples ‘amazing results’ lasting beyond the seven days.

While Scruggs may be preaching to the choir in some cases no doubt other church-goers will be shocked by his advice – not least his own mother who is a member of the congregation.

The Pastor confessed that he does not have the most traditional of methods but instead talks about real-life problems that his followers face.

‘We push the envelope, that’s true,’ he told ‘Don’t take it out of context. Some people say, “He’s going to hell. He’s wrong.” We want to talk about it. We don’t want them to guess at it, assume it’s wrong. It’s right. We want to talk about it.’

‘We talk about sex. We talk about drugs. We talk about faith. We talk about relationships… things that people are dealing with on a day-to-day basis.’

via Daily Mail UK

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