The African Orgins Of The Story Adam And Eve

africaDr. Ashra Kwesi says the story of Adam and Eve of the the Holy Bible was revised to promote hatred of women and sexism. He says Kemetic history teaches that a God and Goddess (man and woman) were created simultaneous. Dr. Kwesi says the real African story is of the Goddess Ashat giving the fruit of divine light and wisdom in order for the King to rule the thrown. “Our ancestors had no problem understanding the sacred womb that we all came from. That was the basis of the Goddess principal and the matrilineal system of Africa.”

Dr. Ashra Kwesi is a master scholar who teaches the untold Kemetic stories of our ancestry based on 32 years of research and travel. In this particular video, Dr. Kwesi speaks of the story Adam and Eve and it’s African origins.

He also points out that in the story Adam and Eve, the two supposedly give birth to Kane who eventually went to the lands to marry his wife. Dr. Kwesi questioned how that was possible if there was only Adam, Eve and Kane on the earth. Dr. Ashra Kwesi teaches from the hieroglyphics of the pyramids in Egypt.

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