Video: Monique Talks Weight Loss And The Monique Show

moniqueComedian Monique took a three year hiatus, but she recently did an interview with Hot97 in New York to promote her upcoming comedy shows.

In the interview Monique discusses Charles Ramsey, weight loss, her marriage, The Monique Show and a list of other topics.

Monique on Charles Ramsey:

“I admire that brother. I really appreciate what he did. I get the jokes because we’re comedians, but those girls wouldn’t have cared if her was a green man…We normally mind our business, but that brother got involved.”

Monique on weight loss:

“I tweet every morning my workout to let women see they don’t have to let them cut and suck it out, staple it up or put a band around your organs. If you put the work in, I promise it comes off.”

“When I watch the Parkers, I know I was about 300 pounds…In my mind I was a big beautiful sexy woman and I still believe that.”

Monique on BET:

“It was the greatest experience of my life…I honestly don’t know what happened. Maybe people should ask Ms. Debra Lee. I want to say to the people, I thank you. The Monique show was a show for our community.”

When asked about “crossover success”–appealing to different audiences–, Monique said she doesn’t like to say “crossover” because it suggests that one (award, nomination, recognition) is better than the other. YES, Monique!

She also said that she and her husband never had an open relationship,–she made a statement back in 2008 that suggested they did–she says her ego got the best of her and the statement backfired.

Watch the interview below:

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