Not Cool! Mike Epps Calls Daughter And Her Mother Ugly Says They’re Jealous Of “Good Hair”


Mike Epps, a comedian I thought deserved an ounce of respect, has shown us another side of him.

Mike decided to go on stage and disrespect his daughter Bria Epps and her mother for laughs, but it wasn’t funny. He said his daughter and her mother both look like James Brown (she wasn’t so bad when he decided to sleep with her). Mike went on to say that his daughter was jealous of his other children –by another woman– because they had “good hair”.

Not only were his statements false, they were immature and unnecessary.

Watch the video of Mike and his daughters statement about him below.

Mike Epps speak

Bria Epps speaks on dad:

Mike Epps calling his daughter a b*tch and a devil: