BET’s #AskDraya Goes Wrong, Draya Called Deadbeat Mother For Hours On Twitter

drayaDraya was called a deadbeat mom for hours on Twitter after BET asked people to #AskDraya. BET decided to have Draya of VH1’s Basketball Wives L.A. co host 106 and Park yesterday and they wanted the public to submit questions. During the show, Bow Wow conducted an interview with Draya asking her how she felt about those that criticize her parenting skills.

Her response was:

“Well, the first thing is, I don’t expect people to understand my life. Because it’s my life. I’m not a bad parent in any way. I’m lucky enough to have fans that have followed me from BBWLA and know that I’m trying to help my family and the set path I’m trying to go with them. Mind ya business!

Here are only a few out of the thousands of Tweets about Draya:

KEEZUS ‏@kylegotjokes 3h
“She didn’t know what to throw away n what to keep, she wrapped the baby up n threw him in a trash heap” even 2pac knew about draya

Bdell1014 ‏@Bdell1014 2h
Draya be on Twitter spotting typos but hasn’t seen her child in months.

Leroy X ‏@NoWomanIsRight 20h
Draya is like the Lebron James of hoes

You wonder where the Draya slander comes from, read this:
draya report

Draya was found guilty for child endangerment after she left her 7 year old son home alone for days while she was out stripping back in 2011. Her son lives with his grandmother in Philadelphia. Draya lives in Los Angeles.

She is also a “rumored” prostitute that frequents L.A. and Las Vegas parties and gets down with the highest bidder.

In the words of Tupac Shakur, “You wonder why they call you b*tch”.

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