Dallas 911 Operator Says Black Domestic Violence Victims Are Like Animals

april-simsApril Sims, a Dallas 911 operator was fired because of her Facebook status’:

Black people are outrageous! They’re more like animals, they never know how to act. Just loud, ____. Always causing problems. I can count on 1 hand the black people I know that don’t have s*** for brains!!!

You want to call 911 on your boyfriend because he put his hands on you and you want to press charges when you don’t even know his real name? Sure lets make a police report for Dino, that is his street name.

Dallas 911 has a social media policy that prohibits workers from posting anything that affects the morality of the department.

Last year, Dallas resident Deanna Cook’s murder was captured on her 911 call. After a number of mistakes, her body wasn’t found until two days after the call was made.

When Sims was asked if her Facebook page was hacked, she said no and said she stands by every word she typed.

Video below:

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