30,000 Drones Over America To Capture And Record Your Every Move!

big broLook up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plain! Neither, it’s a drone. Drone’s are air crafts that are used for electronic surveillance. In other words, air crafts that watch you inside and outside of your home all day and all night. What you do in your own backyard will now be seen and recorded by big brother.

In 2012, Congress ok’d drones and Obama recently signed The FAA Reauthorization Act that orders the Federal Aviation Administration to develop testing regulations and licensing for drones by 2015. 30,000 drones can be expected in the nation’s skies within the next seven years.

Drones are already in use across the United States. They’re equipped with infrared cameras and will be able to release tear gas and taser objects.

During one of President Obama’s speeches he said, “Predator drones, you will never see them coming.” After the audience filled with laughter Obama asked, “You think I’m joking?”

The drones can help against terrorism and other crime, but critics say drones are infringing on our rights and violates our privacy.

We’re seeing RFID chips that are implanted into the right hand which tracks your whereabouts and personal information. Not to mention gun confiscation and the assault weapons ban. Is Martial Law happening right before our very eyes?

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Watch the video below and post your thoughts:

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