WTH! Stacey Dash Defends Paula Deen

DASHActress Stacy Dash has a right to her opinion, but to stick up for a racist because your daughter likes her show is beyond ridiculous. Stacy took to Twitter and posted a message in which she sticks up for Deen saying, “God does everything for a reason @PaulaDeen only God can judge your heart BTW my daughter loves your show (only way she can get me to cook)”

Of course Twitter didn’t like Stacy’s opinion, so people began to Tweet her asking if she was really “clueless”.

Paula Deen is being sued for $1.2 million dollars by a former white worker who claims Deen frequently used racist behavior and asked black waiters to dress as slaves. Deen was fired from Food Network due to the situation. Deen released an apology via YouTube, but many saw it as insincere.

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