Actor Paul Walker Murdered After Discovering Conspiracy About His Charity?

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Paul Walker died from a single car accident on Saturday, November 30th in Santa Clarita, CA. The actor is best known for his roles in the Fast and the Furious films.

Walker and his friend were in a two seater Porsche Carrera GT when the driver lost control and slammed into a pole, which caused the car to burst into flames. The two were on their way to Reach Out Worldwide, a charity organized by Walker to support the Philippines typhoon relief effort. He was 40 years old.

Immediately following his death, a conspiracy theory began to circulate. The first thread at God Like Productions says:

Paul Walker and his friend were killed shortly after they discovered a conspiracy to supply victims of Typhon Haiyan with a prototype permanent birth control drug hidden in medicinal supplies and food aid. They had a damning recording and they were on their way to rendezvous with an ally who would have helped them get in touch with the right people. Turns out they were betrayed and someone rigged their car’s breaks to malfunction after a certain speed.

Now that the loose end has been tied up, and the recording destroyed, the people responsible have nothing to fear as this will become another “conspiracy theory” no one will take seriously.

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The conspiracy theory suggests that the Porsche Walker was driving was hacked so it could be remote control operated. It might be hard to believe, but there have been actual news reports on the ability to remotely control a car.

San Diego reporter Kimberley Dvorak says cars can be remotely controlled. “University of San Diego did a report in 2010 in which they took a basic car like a Nissan Sentra and used an iPad… and were able to hack into the system and operate the accelerator, the brakes, windshield wipers, lights, steering,” she says.

Walker’s conspiracy theory is similar to the theory that followed journalist Michael Hasting whose Mercedes crashed into a tree and burst into flames. It was reported that Hasting was working on a story that was allegedly going to expose the CIA. Conspiracy theories began to circulate that Hasting’s car was hacked and remote controlled to cause the deadly crash.

Several YouTubers are claiming TMZ reported Paul Walker dead two days before the car accident and that Family Guy–an animated television show– forewarned of Walker’s death months before it happened.

Screen shot from Youtube video:

According to CNN, Walker was the star of Hours, an independent film scheduled to be released December 13 about a father struggling to keep his newborn infant alive in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

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