The Dark Origins of Halloween

Originally posted on October 21, 2013

On October 31st, people around the nation dress up as demons, witches, monsters, ghosts and vampires. At night, they go from home to home “trick or treating” for candy. Many carve pumpkins, attend haunted houses and some even decorate their own homes with ghoulish decorations. Why is there a national holiday that celebrates death and horror?

Halloween is said to be Satan’s birthday. According to various sources, it’s a pagan and satanic holiday used for human and animal sacrifice in order to conjure up demons and perform spells. It derives from Samhain, an ancient celebration of the dead created by druids of Northern Europe. It occurred from sunset on October 31st to sunset on November 1st. The druids believed Samhain was the lord of the dead.

The Catholic church tried to Christianize Samhain by calling it All Hallows Evening. They associated it with All Saints Day and this brought about modern day Halloween. Halloween was illegal in America during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

According to former satanic high priest, William Schnoebelen, “Trick of treat” derives from the satanic druid priests that would go into a village and ask for a human to sacrifice to Samhain as a treat. If the person refused, their house would be destroyed as the trick. According to Schnobelen, a hollow pumpkin with a candle inside that was made of human fat was placed on the door steps of those who offered up a human to be sacrificed. It’s believed this is where the modern day pumpkin jack-o-lantern derives from.

According to various sources, the druids would line up those who were going to be sacrificed. They would put apples in a tub filled with water and whoever could grab an apple with their teeth were set free. It’s believed that this is what bobbing for apples derives from.

Today, Halloween is made to look like a fun night to dress up and get free candy. Parents think as long as their children are not dressed wickedly, it’s okay. Little do they know, any participation means they could be supporting a satanic ritual.

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