Woman Made $1 Million Dollars Exploiting Herself Online

Bethany Gaskin, a former daycare owner from Milwaukee, WI (currently lives in Mason, Ohio), refers to herself as the “queen of seafood boils.” She does mukbang videos on YouTube for a living. A mukbang is when a person records them self eating a massive amount of food in one sitting. Mukbang videos originated in Japan.

Gaskin finds joy in eating 15 pound lobsters (by herself), two triple cheese burgers, onion rings and a large order of chili cheese fries (by herself), 30 chicken wings (by herself), huge amounts of shrimps and lobster tails dipped in a large bowl of butter sauce (by herself) the list goes on.


In June 2019, The New York Times published an article about Gaskin. The crew visited Gaskin’s home and interviewed her. 44 year old Gaskin is married and has two adult sons. She told the newspaper that she has made one million dollars with her mukbang channel and showed them proof.

In the interview, Gaskin refers to her mukbang channel as a “ministry”. MINISTRY? Let’s get back to that later.

Gaskin is known for doing collaborations with other mukbangers. She’s even spent hundreds of dollars buying food for each collaboration.

In the New York Times article, Gaskin said she was once homeless and her mother would sacrifice eating so her children could eat.

Surely Gaskin knows that some of her viewers may not have food. Since she makes her money eating for a living, wouldn’t it be nice if she put together a food drive of some sort?

If she can spend a few hundred dollars on seafood for a collaboration, why hasn’t she spent a few hundred dollars on feeding the less fortunate?

After all, the Gaskin family does have videos showing off their cars, home and apartments.


In a recent comment, Gaskin referred to herself as a Christian and in the New York Times article, she refers to mukbang as a “ministry”. Would a true Christian glamorize a gluttonous, superficial and greedy lifestyle? Would a true Christian spend over $30,000 on plastic surgery to have a flat stomach and bigger butt?

Although Gaskin eats for a living, she decided to get a tummy tuck and butt implants this year. She says she’s also going to get breast work, new teeth and excess skin removed.

What happened to self love? What happened to going to the gym and changing your diet?

She is fully aware that children watch her videos. She even uses video clips of children saying her opening tag phrase. What message is she sending her audience?

Gaskin’s actions is telling youth (and misguided adults) that is okay to do anything for money. The amount of food she eats is not good for her health. She told the New York Times that she films twice a day. That means she eats large amounts of food TWICE a day.

The people that support her obviously do not understand what she’s doing is not really “cool.”

Why doesn’t Gaskin just admit that she started Mukbangs to make money? Why mock Christianity?

Satan Made Evil Fair Seeming

Satan has made evil appealing and good seem boring. For those that still don’t understand how this connects to Gaskin, here are the points:

Gaskin promotes greed.

Gaskin promotes gluttony.

Gaskin promotes super vanity.

Gaskin promotes soul selling. (Soul selling means ones willingness to do anything for money.)

Gaskin was and is willing to jeopardize her health for wealth.

Gaskin started her YouTube channel in 2017 and already has close to 2 million subscribers. Her oldest son even jumped on board and created a mukbang channel (with a noticeably larger stomach than he had just last year.)

Many are copying Gaskin and some even praise her. Do you find it strange that people look up to someone who eats at their home for a living? She doesn’t have much conversation, so what is it that they idolize?

Mental Health ?

Do you find it bizarre that people enjoy hearing someone burp, slurp, smack and crunch on food? If someone was eating like that at the dinner table, would you find it disgusting or would you enjoy it? Why is it different when it’s done on camera?

Gaskin also has an ASMR eating channel. ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is when a person receives pleasure from certain sounds. ASMR eating is popular on YouTube. In this case, the viewers hears every chew, crunch, burp, gulp, pouring and sizzling. There is no talking, just eating.

ASMR is associated with autism as ASMR serves as sensory therapy.

Clip from Beloveslife ASMR channel. You can see the microphone, which is used to pick up sound and headphones so she can hear when the views hear.

Although there is no mental health diagnosis for this just yet, one has to admit that it is quite strange. Enjoying watching a person eat …not even an eating competition or tasting “bizarre” food?

Exploiting Themselves For Money

There is a video of Gaskin attempting to eat 24 boiled eggs drenched in her butter sauce (post plastic surgery) and her husband is coaching her to eat more! Why is he allowing his wife to do this?

In another video, Gaskin eats spicy noodles and drinks out of a bowl blindfolded with no hands. Again, her husband is in the background cheering her on as she exploits herself for money.

Gaskin is not the only YouTuber that exploits her self for money. There are many others, but Gaskin seems to be the most popular in regards to mukbangs.

Gaskin is acting as an “agent” for the establishment whether she knows it or not.

Don’t let YouTubers deceive you. Some are paid actors and shills sent to promote a destructive lifestyle.

Matthew 16:23 ” But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.”

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4 years ago

I couldn’t agree more. I believe that this is sinful and it bothers me to hear her pray and say this is a ministry.

4 years ago
Reply to  TMM

Who ever did this article was spot on and her subscribers are crazy and delusional. They sold their souls for money and fame. Wasn’t her husband a pastor at their church do they even still go to church? She prays over her food and continues to eat in a gluttonous Manner. They recorded a video they were both high as a kite and children watch her. I can’t wait for YouTube to put an end to this nonsense.

3 years ago
Reply to  Guest

You crazy too

Titus Andronicus
Titus Andronicus
4 years ago

Mukbang started in Korea, not Japan. The word Mukbang is a Korean word that is a combination of the words for eating and broadcast.

Roux boy
Roux boy
3 years ago

Girl stfu with this hating ass jealous ass article.

Some dude
Some dude
1 year ago
Reply to  Roux boy

How you mad bout somebody else opinion? The lady obviously got a problem, she went from being a healthy weight to getting a BBL & tummy tuck to being fat as f*ck. Suckin down all that damn food. I can’t stand people who make videos like this gorgin’ yourself while recording is not a talent