Interracial Dating Being Used as a War Tactic

Originally posted on July 27, 2014

Historically, the first thing a conqueror takes when conquering a nation of people is their woman. A man who goes by the name, The Irritated Genie, says the ‘powers that be’ of the media is trying to divorce and destroy the relationship between the black man and the black woman. He says part of this destruction is happening through the media’s promotion of interracial dating. Genie says, “The only acceptable woman for a black man is a black woman.”

During his recorded lecture on the streets of 125th in Harlem, NY, Genie went on to say, “When you have men that don’t love their race and won’t protect their children, you can do anything to them. You take their resources, homes and land. White people have decided they don’t need us anymore. They have machines, so they don’t need us to pick their cotton. They don’t want us around because they owe us for what they’ve done to us.”

“They want to destroy us. What’s the easiest way to do that? To completely destroy the fabric of what it means to be black. Take away the black man from the black woman, which is the only way we can get a black child.”

“They don’t want a black woman with a black man, so they promote interracial relationships. They’re telling the black man to date anything other than a black woman and a black woman to date anything other than a black man.”

Genie pointed out that there are no programs on television that represent a positive black relationship. Instead, we have numerous programs that project a very dysfunctional and destructive message.

“Name me one program on television with a strong black man and a strong black woman that raises a decent proud conscious black family that loves their culture?” There are none. But how many times do they show black women who are disgruntle towards black men?”

While Genie was giving his lecture, a black man decided to blame the black woman for the destruction of the community saying she has become too strong and independent. Genie’s response was:

Our women are called b*tches and whores everyday in OUR music. How do you expect her to act towards you? Since NWA (Niggaz With Attitudes), the most common word used by black males to refer to a black woman is, b*tch. Who told them to do that? The whites have engineered through media for our women to be the tools used to oppress us. Go back to 1988 when Public Enemy had us saying we are family, we should fight for Africa and the black man and woman need to stay together. NWA came out and started attacking black women calling them b*tches and hoes.”

Genie says any other race of woman can go outside and see what their men are doing for their race. But when a black woman goes outside, she is seeing black males with their pants hanging off their behind, calling each other out of their names and having sex with other men. Genie asked, “Do we really expect our women to support these men when the men don’t even want women?”

“Our women will not support men that sit idly by and allow her to be sexually ravaged night after night and then go give money to women that defile themselves on a pole at night. What men use their own women and sexual object before the world?”

Music videos of black artists went from featuring women who look like this (in the 1990s):

To this (in recent years):

Former model and actress Tyra Banks wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal in which she predicted that dark skin will be rare in the near future. “Typical features and coloring will lean toward a Rihanna or Beyoncé or me kind of look. People with alabaster or ebony skin will be rare and heralded for that uniqueness.

Many people believe interracial dating is not only being promoted by the “powers that be” as an attempt to destroy the black family, but also to change the look of the black race. The pictures below shows how Native American portrayal got lighter over time. The images are from Moundville Archaeological park, with the lightest being the latest display.

Why would “the powers” seek to lighten the black race? This is a question that could be discussed in another post, but historical evidence shows that the colonizers would often mix with the women of the countries they colonized. Therefore, Irritated Genie’s argument isn’t far fetched.

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