Tommy Sotomayor is a Paid Troll Agent Provocateur

It is obvious that YouTube personality Tommy Sotomayor is a paid agent provocateur used to sway opinions about black women. He is known for verbally degrading black women with disgusting commentary on his podcast. This guy is like the real life version of Dave Chappelle’s Clayton Bigsby. For those that are unfamiliar with Bigsby, he was a character on the TV show, Chappelle Show. Bigsby was a blind black guy who was a member of the K.K.K. Tommy has been petitioned numerous times and is disliked by many, but his platform is still allowed on YouTube. Why? How?

It’s hard to find hard core evidence on his paid position because his identity is protected. However, if you read in the between the lines, his agent position is obvious. Who would want to be known for hating their own race? Wikipedia has his real name listed as Thomas Jerome Harris. To be honest, I don’t believe that is even his real name.

Sometimes he breaks away from his provocateur role, as it is hard for him to hide his attraction to black women. He has been outed many times for trying to pay and hook up with black women online.

Recently, a gossip vlogger (a black woman) exposed Tommy for trying to date her sister (a black woman). She also exposed a sick statement he made about showering with his eight year old daughter (whose mother is black):

So, this guy feels comfortable enough to brag about showering with his eight year old daughter and her asking questions about his private part? If that isn’t telling, what is? This guy’s job might not only be to influence opinions about black women. He might also be heading in the direction of pushing another agenda. What agenda, you ask? Read the message again. There is your answer.

Not wanting to give his channel any views, I came across a video exposing his behavior. In the first part of the video, Tommy is calling a black woman “bitch” to her face (after being involved in a fender bender) like it’s her first name. The second part of the video shows him being confronted by another known male YouTuber, Tariq Nasheed. Tommy is called “bitch” several times and he just laughs it off. He surely didn’t raise his voice with Tariq like he did the woman.

Back in 2013, I posted reports saying the government hires shills, disinformants and trolls to sway and divert opinions and discussions in videos and comment sections of social media sites for political propaganda. In that case, why wouldn’t they hire people like Tommy, but for a different agenda?

What kind of person would follow this guy? Why is his platform allowed on YouTube?

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Mike J
Mike J
2 years ago

I believe you are 1000% correct, Tommy is a agent and also plays the role of omar j. dorsey. Tommy is an actor.