Scarface Says In 25 Years Whites Will Control and Destroy Hip Hop Like They Did Rock N Roll

Originally posted on May 07, 2013

Legendary Houston rapper and President of Def Jam South, Brad Jordan aka Scarface, recently did an interview with Hard Knock TV saying Hip Hop will be white in 25 years. In the interview, Scarface talks about the Jews that run the music business and how he believes it’s a conspiracy to destroy black culture. He also makes a connection between the white takeover of Rock N Roll and how the same thing is happening to Hip Hop.

“The people in control of Hip Hop are so f___ing white and so f___ing Jewish, they don’t give a f__ about what the culture is about. I want to make this as offensive as possible for the old ass punks who are running the record labels…and dictate what the black community hears. I hate that s__t it pisses me off. There no f___ing way you can tell me it’s not a conspiracy. You put out a bunch of records that make us look dumb and stupid. You brainwash a generation of Hip Hoppers with this f__ing crud. Hip hop is white now.”

Scarface tells up and coming rappers not to let them (white people) dictate our music,

“It’s our culture, stay the f__ out of it. This is our s__. I don’t like when a old ass 75 year old dude that ain’t never been to the neighborhood and never tried to embrace this culture can try to dictate whats hot and what’s not. That’s what I want the youngsters to do. Protect the integrity of the craft. In 25 Hip Hip will have a new face and a new hero…like rock n roll… Elvis will be the face of Hip Hop.”

Scarface says Hip Hop is being rewritten like Rock n Roll.

“Rock N Roll was something Chuck Berry came up with. Now, the Rock N Roller’s don’t know who Chuck Berry is. The Blues was Robert Johnson and Eddie “Son” House and now the Blues is McJacgger. That’s not the blues, B. Hip Hop will be the same thing.”

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4 years ago

What does scarface mean in 25 years whites will control and destroy hip hop. They controlled and destroyed black music in the 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s and 80s and the 90s and 2000s .They control and own the music industry and if any black artiste gets in the way. They get terminated like Michael Jackson and Prince did. And Sam Cooke and every other black singer who wanted control over their own music. It doesn’t work like that. Once you sign the contract . You sign away your soul and all rights to your own songs. And become… Read more »