Mind Control and Chicken Sandwiches

Popeyes chicken is currently trending. They released their new chicken sandwich, which is a piece of their chicken on a bun with hot sauce, mayo and pickles. Many Popeyes drive through lines across the country are wrapped around the block with a one hour wait time and some locations are selling out.

Conspiracy Theory

Chicken Sandwich Conspiracy Theory Forewarned in Film and TV?

This chicken sandwich craze reminds me of the 2002 film, Undercover Brother. In the movie, a white man is in control of a powerful secret organization who seeks to undermine black Americans and the cultures of other “minorities.” The man distributes a mind control drug through fried chicken, which changes the way people act.

Boondocks is a television series that aired from November 2004 to June 2014. In 2010, an episode aired about KFC having a shortage of chicken across the country, which caused violence, water shortages and power shortages. At the same time, a virus outbreak rises across the country and is linked to the chicken. The virus is called, the “the fried chicken flu.”

Mind control drug and chicken flu virus…Interesting.

In recent years, there has been many videos of people of all races becoming violently upset when a fast food restaurant is out of a food item. However, Daniel Taylor of St. Petersburg, FL attacked a McDonald’s cashier because he had to ask for a straw. What are they putting in the food?

Popeyes is Being Used In Anti Chic-fil-A Propaganda?

Chic-fil-A’s Christian values have been under attack for a few years. The company has been deemed “anti LGBT,” because of organizations they’ve supported. The Popeyes chicken sandwich if being compared to Chi-fil-A chicken sandwiches throughout various media outlets. Perhaps the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze is nothing more than media propaganda against Chic-fil-A. Even major news outlets, like USA Today, are comparing Chic-fil-A sandwiches to Popeyes. Does that not seem odd?

Mind Control

It’s no secret that a large number of people are victims of mass mind control. They follow whatever is trendy with no questions asked. The ice water challenge and the Keke challenge are just a couple of examples. The ice water challenge involved people dumping a large bucket of ice water onto their heads. The Keke challenge involved people dancing outside of a moving car with the door open. People across the world recorded themselves doing these challenges. Why? Because they saw others doing it.

Sheep behavior is a real thing.

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