Envy Filled Attack on the Black Woman

We are in spiritual warfare. It seems that the black woman is under attack. Everything from her grace, name and marital status is being harassed. The tactics being used are false statistics, sexual exploitation, “reality” television and YouTube shills to name a few. The black woman has always been considered the back bone of the black family and that is why she is under attack.

I remember getting into a debate with a college instructor in undergrad about statistics. I argued that statistics that are racially motivated are forms of mental oppression and cannot be trusted. The instructor was not pleased with my statement. I went to the dean with my complaint about the instructor (she tried to belittle my comment). While in the dean’s office, we began conversing about untrustworthy statistics. Guess what? The dean agreed with me.

It’s a known fact that the media influences the thoughts, behaviors and perceptions of those who are socially unaware. Propaganda/social engineering is the act of deliberately spreading false or deceptive information, ideas, rumors, doctrines or principals propagated by an organization or movement to help or harm a target person, group of people, movement, institution, nation, etc.

There was a billboard that said, “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.” This is a blatant attack.

Black men with non black women is highly promoted throughout the media, especially in Hollywood. We all know the power of the media, especially with people who engage in “groupthink”. Separating the black woman and man is not only an attack on the woman, but an attack on the black family.

Here is an image from a 2016 State Farm advertisement that promoted interracial marriages. This ad received a large amount of backlash:

Activist and lecturer Irritated Genie says, “They want to destroy us. What’s the easiest way to do that? To completely destroy the fabric of what it means to be black. Take away the black man from the black woman, which is the only way we can get a black child.”

“They don’t want a black woman with a black man, so they promote interracial relationships. They’re telling the black man to date anything other than a black woman and a black woman to date anything other than a black man.”

The attack is also present in hip hop music. Irritated Genie says, “Our women are called b*tches and whores everyday in OUR music. How do you expect her to act towards you? Since NWA (Niggaz With Attitudes), the most common word used by black males to refer to a black woman is, b*tch. Who told them to do that? The whites have engineered through media for our women to be the tools used to oppress us. Go back to 1988 when Public Enemy had us saying we are family, we should fight for Africa and the black man and woman need to stay together. NWA came out and started attacking black women calling them b*tches and hoes.”

There seems to be an agenda being pushed to blame the black woman for the dysfunctions that plague the black community. Guess who are willing participants in pushing this agenda? Black guys. There are many, but one in particular stands out. There is a black guy on YouTube whose entire platform was built around bashing black women. His comments about black women are disgusting. Believe it or not, he has a following and there are other black guys that have attempted to following in his self hating foot steps. I do not wish to share his name in this post, but I do believe he is a paid agent provocateur.

Too many black comedians, actors, musicians and other public figures are helping to stimulate this anti black woman propaganda by not speaking up. Instead, they participate in the attack. For example, comedian D.L. Hughley made a comment during an interview saying, “Black women are angry all the time,” and it wasn’t meant to be a joke. The kicker is, D.L. Hughley is black and so is his wife!

What he did not mention in that particular interview is that he was guilty of repeatedly cheating on his wife. He even impregnated one of his mistresses. Perhaps his “black women are angry all the time” comment was directed towards his wife. In that case, his wife, like other black women in her situation, might have a valid reason to be a little “angry.” Look at the number of FATHERLESS black homes. These women are not choosing to be single mothers. It takes two to create a child. Married or not, a child is suppose to have both parents.

Meanwhile, besides Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant, no well known public figures are addressing the overwhelming number of fatherless black children in America. Black fathers leaving mothers to raise their children alone is a serious issue in the community. Why isn’t this being discussed?

Sisters, stay away from videos, articles or other media that attack you. Many of these attacks are written and created by dis-informants, shills and paid trolls. Do not feed into the nonsense.

We were created in Gods image. The creator chose the black woman to be the mother of civilization. If whoever is behind these attacks are against God, they are also against Gods creation.

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