Glen Mills Schools: Hub for Mind Control/ Social Experimentation on Teens and Young Adults?


Glen Mills School was founded in 1826. The school’s original name was Philadelphia House of Refuge. According to Philadelphia Encyclopedia, the board of mangers included politician John Sergeant and Alexander Henry who were two of the wealthiest men in the city.

Glen Mills is the oldest school of its kind in the country. The school is located in Concord Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Glen Mills was a detention center for boys ages 12 to 21. The school was closed March 7, 2019 after investigations of covering up decades of abuse.


The school has a dark history of sexual, verbal and physical abuse from staff. Many men have publicly shared stories of abuse they experienced while attending Glen Mills. The abuse was reportedly a known secret at the school as students were beaten and silenced.

The law firm of Eisenberg Rothweiler represents over 300 men who had been abused at Glen Mills. Tawfeeq Abdul-Lateef was a resident at Glen Mills school from 2016 to 2017 when he was sixteen and seventeen years old. During a press conference with CBS Philly, Lateef says his shoulder was dislocated from being beat by staff members. He says he was often stomped, choked unconscious, kicked, spit on and called a nigger by staff who would take turns to beat him. Lateef says he witnessed a staff member break the jaw of a student and was threatened to get the same treatment if he repeated what he had witnessed.

Laboy Wiggins was at Glen Mills in 1987 for roughly six months. During the press conference, Wiggins says he was sexually, verbally and physically abused multiple times by staff members. He says he witnessed abuse everyday at Glen Mills. Wiggins was abused so much, he ran away from the school but was caught at nearby railroad tracks. After being caught, Wiggins says he was beaten “very badly.” He says his beatings were so bad that he had to receive stitches in his head, forearm and leg. He says the nurse at Glen Mills abused him as well.

James Johnson was a former student who later became a counselor at the school. He told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he resigned after he witnessed a student being beaten so bad that his eye was nearly out of its socket.

Students also had to register to vote and were told who to vote for without any education on politics.

Conspiracy Theory: Glen Mills Schools Hub for Mind Control/ Social Experimentation on Teens and Young Adults

After doing a bit of research on the abuse stories surrounding the Glen Mills School, one can come to the conclusion that the school’s purpose was not to reform, but instead was to program its students using trauma based programming. After the students were programmed, they were released back into society and possibly observed to see how they progressed or regressed.

The theory of mind control is not too far fetched as mind control has been implemented in the prison system for decades. writes:

In 1962 the director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons James V Bennet, convened a meeting in Washington DC with a group of Social Scientist and Wardens from around the country.  On the agenda was the unveiling of a new control technique program entitled “The C.A.M.P system”.  An acronym for countering anti-socialism modification project.  The topic of discussion was the examination of the emergence of the so called “Black Militant” in the nations prisons. 

Director Bennet introduced a key note speaker Dr. Edgar Schein to the small assembled group of 64 men. All of whom were of European descendant.  Dr. Edgar Schein’s background had included studying the psychological impact on former holocaust survivors and their experiences in Nazi Germany concentration camps in his dissertation, aptly named “Man vs. Man”.  Dr. Schein provided the group with various scenarios on behavioral patterns and antidotal countermeasures relative to the so called “negroid pathos”.  The following excerpts are transcribed from this infamous September 18, 1962 meeting, procured from Federal archives via the Federal Freedom of Information Act and are revealed here for your critique and cerebration:

“Gentlemen, in order to produce marked changes in behavior and attitude it is necessary to weaken, undermine or remove the support systems of the old patterns of behavior and the old attitudes.  Because most of these supports are the face to face confirmation of present behavior and attitudes, which are provided to those with whom close emotional ties exist, it is therefore essential to eradicate those emotional bonds.  This can be done either by removing the individual physically and preventing any communication with those whom he cares about or by proving to him, the prisoner, that those whom he respects are not worthy of it and indeed should be actively distrusted.”  -Dr. Edgar Schein, Sept. 18, 1962

Dr. Schein then presented to the assembled group a literary of suggestions and tactics designed to attain “behavioral modifications” desirable by prison officials to control the thinking patterns of its incarcerated populace and to curtail or reduce an appetite for cultural or political aspirations.  These 24 accumulous and widely implemented tactics & maneuvers are set out below:

1.  the physical removal of prisoners to areas sufficiently isolated to effectively break or seriously weaken close emotional ties.
2.  identify and segregate all natural leaders.
3.  use of cooperative prisoners as leaders.
4.  prohibition of group activities not in line with brainwashing objectives.
5.  spying on prisoners and reporting back private materials.
6.  manipulating prisoners into making written statements which are then shown to others.
7.  exploitation of opportunist and informers.
8.  convincing prisoners that they can trust no other prisoner.
9.  treating those who are willing to cooperate in a far more lenient way than those who are not.
10.  punishing those who show uncooperative attitudes.
11.  systematic withholding of mail and other correspondence.
12.  preventing contact with anyone non-sympathetic  to the method of treatment and regimen of the captive populace.
13.  disorganization of all group standards among prisoners.
14.  building a group conviction among the prisoners that they have been abandoned by, and totally isolated from their social order.
15.  undermining all emotional support.
16.  preventing prisoners from communicating with family and supporters regarding the conditions of their confinement,
17.  making available and permitting access to only those publications and books that contain materials which are neutral to, or supportive of the desired new attitude.
18.  placing individuals into new and ambiguous situations for which the standards and rules and policies are deliberately kept unclear and then putting pressure on the prisoner to conform to what is desired in order to win favor and a reprieve from the pressure.
19.  placing the prisoner whose will power has been severely weakened or eroded into a soft living environment with others who are further advanced in their brainwashing reform who’s job is to influence the teetering prisoner to give up and assimilate into the desired behavior.
20.  using techniques of character invalidation, i.e., humiliations, revilements, shouting, isolation; to promote sensory deprivation, to induce feelings of guilt, fear, and suggestibility.
21.  meeting all insincere attempts to conform with the desired thought patterns with renewed hostility.
22.  repeatedly pointing out to the prisoner that those prisoners whom he respects as a leader and example of strength is not living up to the values and militant principles that he espouses.  supplanting the thought that all other prisoners are hypocrites and liars.
23.  rewards for submission and subservient attitudes which embrace the brainwashing objectives by providing praise and emotional support to those who embrace the desired behavior(brainwashing) which reinforces the new attitudes.
24.  making sure that if a once militant prisoner is ever revealed as being a snitch or a homosexual, that all prisoners learn of his disgrace in order to create doubt and misgivings in the environment.  Creating false rumor, character assassination on a militant prisoner.

How does this relate to Glen Mills? Although the excerpts are from information dating back to the 1960s, those tactics are implemented today as well. In fact, the stories from the men who were abused at Glen Mills are similar to the tactics mentioned above.

A social experiment is a type of research done in fields like psychology or sociology to see how people behave in certain situations or how they respond to particular policies or programs. Many of the graduates of Glen Mills leave with a worse mentality as they have been traumatized.

Omain Gullette was a Syracuse recruit that was shot dead at the age of 19 shortly after graduating from Glen Mills. Gullette was student counsel president. He was also a star football player at the school who had the authority to discipline other students. After graduation, Gullette went back to the “street life.” According to a New York Times July 6, 2002 article, “thirteen bullets fired by three assailants struck him in the chest and killed him.” Gullette was murdered before he had the chance to attend Syracuse.

Military Connection?

According to former students of Glen Mills, career day involved only military recruits.

According to author David Mcgowan, mind control is used in the military (amongst other places) to create programmed assassins. One of the killers he believes was programmed to kill is the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys. He had sex with the dead bodies, dismembered them, took photos, and preserved body parts in his Milwaukee, WI apartment. Mcgowan believes Dahmer was allowed to get away with the 17 murders (as well as murders not reported to the public) because he was a mind control victim that was being surveillance by the government.

Dahmer joined the US Army in 1979 and was deployed to Baumholder, Germany where he served as a combat medic. Preston Davis and Billy Capshaw say Dahmer drugged, beaten and raped them during their time in the military. They both also said Dahmer would brag about his first murder in Ohio. Capshaw (who was Dahmer’s roommate) says others knew of the abuse, but nothing was done. As a result of his trauma, Capshaw underwent 20 years of therapy.

For the more than a year and a half while Dahmer was in Germany, within about a 50 kilometer radius of the base there were perhaps a dozen mutilation murders, apparently ending after Dahmer left, writes TheCrimeMag.

On May 27, 1991, 14 year old Konerak Sinthasomphone escaped from Dahmer’s Milwaukee apartment after Dahmer left him alone to go buy beer. Sinthasomphone was naked, bruised, incoherent and bleeding from his rectum. He was spotted on the street by neighbors Sandra Smith and Nicole Childress who immediately called the police. The two cops, John Balcerzak and Joesph Gabrish, arrived to the scene. Dahmer told them that Sinthasomphone was his 19 year old lover. The cops returned the boy to Dahmer and he was murdered.

Residents at the Oxford Apartments complained regularly about the smell that came from Dahmer’s apartment. However, he would tell management that the smell was rotten meat. His neighbor, Pamela Bass, says she would hear chainsaws and cursing in the middle of the night. Dahmer would tell her he was “building something.”

Important questions:

Why is information regarding Dahmer and killings around the barracks in Germany being ignored?

Why didn’t the military intervene regarding the abuse from Dahmer towards Davis and Capshaw?

Why did the Milwaukee police allow Sinthasomphone to go back with Dahmer?

How was Dahmer able to keep dead bodies in his apartment without any notice?

Possible answer:

Perhaps Mcgowan’s theory of Dahmer (amongst many others) being programmed and placed under surveillance is accurate.


Perhaps Glen Mills was not meant to “reform,” but instead its purpose was to program students for a more sinister end game. As mentioned earlier, The C.A.M.P system was created in the 1960s and the same tactics were described by Glen Mills abuse victims. This is important because Glenn Mills would serve as an alternative to prison. Students would get a lighter sentence if they chose to attend Glen Mills instead of serving time in prison.

The Jeffrey Dahmer connection is because he is believed to have been a mind control victim that was programmed to kill and placed under surveillance. He also served in the military. Isn’t it odd that the military were the only recruits to show up to Glenn Mills each year on career day? Like the Glen Mills abuse victims, Dahmer was a troubled teen. Perhaps troubled teens from dysfunctional home environments are easy targets if “the establishment” were looking to create mind controlled assassins and/or criminals.

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Jermaine A Wall
Jermaine A Wall
2 years ago

Hey QUEEN, or, can you email me for further discussion on this Glen Mills topic, I am a former student

Jermaine A Wall
Jermaine A Wall
2 years ago