The Age of the Whores and Strippers

Originally posted on March 10, 2014

It wasn’t that long ago when whores were looked down on and viewed as someone with no principles and very little (if any) self respect. Now, this type of behavior has become popular, acceptable and almost a norm in society. The whore is being celebrated and she has a large fan base. The most promiscuous women in television tend to become the most popular and whorish women are in relations with millionaire men.

You know the world has gone mad when a guy will spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars at a strip club and brag about it. TMZ reported about two Atlanta strippers that made $4,000 in 15 minutes. Of course it was a rapper (Two Chainz) that paid them. He even put them on tour with him. That fact that a popular and national entertainment news show reported about this speaks volumes.

Rich guys including, athletes, entertainers and executives are known to love whorish women and will pay large amounts of money to receive sexual favors from them. Some of these women purposely get pregnant so they can get eighteen years of monthly child support payments that many times reach five and six figures. These type of situations are noted by several high paid prostitutes who have written books about their lifestyle. Karrine “Super Head” Steffans became the most infamous of these prostitutes in recent years.

I thought I was the only one that noticed how whorish lifestyles have become “trendy” until I did a little research and found two black men who think what’s happening is happening on purpose. Their names are Black Dot and Professor Griff. Both of them lecture on a variety of topics including culture and history.

During an interview in Harlem, Dot and Griff were asked what they thought about the promotion of promiscuity and the stripper culture. Here’s what they said:

Black Dot: “There’s a game they’re playing with energy. So they’re going to counter the true positive feminine energy with the lowest essence of this particular energy. Sexual energy, we know, is dealing with all of these chakras on the lower end so they can keep that vibratory energy very very low and pay them Fiat money. Chuck D said attention is the new currency. That fact that people are paying attention to [whores] causes our true sisters to feel inadequate and they’re not being recognized by brothers. Brothers are paying attention to these strippers and proposing to them. I’m from the old school. We don’t do that. You don’t bring a whore home to mom.”

Griff: “I think they do this on purpose because it’s that time. The energy has to come back around…You may call them whores, but a lot of them feel like they’re just playing a [role]. When they go back to their normal lives, they say, “That’s not me, that’s just what I have to do.” Well listen, it is you…if we loved ourselves, we wouldn’t have room for that. If the family was intact, we wouldn’t have room for that. The family consists of mother, father, child and the ancestors. Nothing in that says whore or stripper.”

The “they” Dot and Griff are referring to is the media. There are several television shows that promote promiscuous sexual behavior. Scandal, which is one the most popular primetime series in the United States, is about a successful black woman who is sleeping with the president of the United States, who of course is married. The show is so popular that people, mostly women, are in disbelief when I tell them I don’t watch it. The Haves and The Haves Nots, however, is a good primetime soap opera that I enjoy due to it’s variety of characters. But of course, the most popular character with viewers is the prostitute, Candice. That is, according to Tyler Perry (who wrote the TV series).

Reality TV is the perfect example of promiscuity gone wild. These women are nonchalantly exposing their promiscuous ways for the world to see. Why? Because it is now acceptable. The most promiscuous of the cast often becomes the most popular cast member.

Guys can be whores, too. In fact, they tend to be the worse. However, there is a double standard associated when they do it, but that’s another topic.

Who someone decides to sleep with is their business, but when stripper culture and whorish behavior is promoted to the masses, it affects all of society in one way or another. Whores may appear to be winning, but in reality they’re losing.

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Sandi Lee, Toronto
Sandi Lee, Toronto
4 years ago

Whores are losing; that was a great line.