The Destruction of the Black Family

Originally posted on November 5, 2015

The 1960s was a great time for black families. We marched together during the civil rights movement and we had powerful organizations like the Black Panther Party. In the 1960s and years prior, black families were married and the children were raised in a two parent household. They valued hard work, loyalty and had family values. There has been a noticeable change in the black family unit since the start of the 1970s. Some argue that the establishment is behind this decline.

Dr. Julia Hare, author and social commentator, said during the 2007 State of the Black Union at Hampton University says that there is a system that does not want to see black men and black women together. She says, “Once we come together, they understand the power and the strength of the black woman, the Queen of the universe. They also know the power of the black male, the warrior. If they would turn him loose, he would protect his family and do things that need to be done. They understand if our relationships are together, they will lose, but if our relationships are torn up, then we can forever be treated in certain ways by the oppressor.”

Blacks weren’t able to receive welfare until 1963. During these times, a welfare worker would visit the home and do regular “inspections”. The worker would search to make sure there were not any new furniture items, clothing, toys, electronics or a man in the home. Many people feel this is when the destruction of the black family unit began. This was also during segregation, so resources and decent jobs for blacks were hard to come by.

Social commentator, Irritated Genie, says as long as you have a black woman, you can always rebuild a civilization. He says, “No matter how much we’ve been destroyed, she can breath life into the children and turn a weak man into a strong man. When he falls in love with her, there ain’t nothing he won’t do to make her happy. Even if that means rebuilding a civilization. They [the powers that be] have calculated this properly.”

Irritated Genie suggests since they who set up the system of destruction understand the importance of the black woman, they are using that knowledge to try and destroy the black race as a whole and not just the family. “In this situation, we have a checkmate. If you can get the black man to concede to the idea that he doesn’t want a black woman and a black woman to concede to the fact that she doesn’t want a black man, then the potential for a future of the race has already been wiped out,” he says.

The 1970s is when the blaxploitation films were a huge success. This genre of films glamorized promiscuous sexual behavior and the disrespect of black women by black men. Prime examples would be the films Super FlyThe Mack and Willie Dynamite. These were the three most popular films in the blaxploitation genre. In the 1980s, black communities were flooded with crack cocaine, which many reliable sources say was deliberately placed in the communities by the CIA. In the 1990s, gang violence was being promoted by the media with movies like Don’t Be A Menace andMenace to Society. In 2015, music that promotes love and relationships (R&B) is almost non existent. Instead, hip hop is at it’s all time high in popularity even though it’s message and sound has been completely dumbed down. More than ever, promiscuous behavior and homosexuality is being promoted and glamorized in music, television and film. This all contributes to the destruction of the family unit. The sad part is, it worked. From blaxploitation films came pimping, in the 80s crack hurt many families, 90s gang violence was at an all time high and today’s society lacks substance.

It’s a known fact that the media influences the thoughts, behaviors and perceptions of those who are socially unaware. Propaganda/social engineering is the act of deliberately spreading false or deceptive information, ideas, rumors, doctrines or principals propagated by an organization or movement to help or harm a target person, group of people, movement, institution, nation, etc.

Currently, there seems to be an agenda being pushed to blame the black woman for the dysfunctions that plague the black community. This attack is obvious especially since no one is addressing these major issue when it comes to black men (of course not all black men):

1. promiscuous lifestyle
2. down low homosexual lifestyle
3. fear of marriage, family, commitment and assuming the role of a man when it comes to responsibilities
4. fatherless black children (Fatherless homes can’t be blamed on the women because no one knows the future of their relationship, whether they’re married or not.)
5. the disrespect of their own women in media, especially music

Discover The Networks wrote an interesting article regarding the breakdown of the black family. The article says black women were more likely to get married than white women in the 1950s:

“It bears mention that the astronomical illegitimacy rate among African Americans is a relatively recent phenomenon. As late as 1950, black women nationwide were more likely to be married than white women, and only 9 percent of black families with children were headed by a single parent. In the 1950s, black children had a 52 percent chance of living with both their biological parents until age seventeen; by the 1980s those odds had dwindled to a mere 6 percent. In 1959, only 2 percent of black children were reared in households in which the mother never married; today that figure approaches 60 percent.”

The article also mentions that the destruction was set in place by policies and blacks not valuing themselves in white society:

“The destruction of this stable black family was set in motion by the policies and teachings of the left, which for decades have encouraged blacks to view themselves as outcasts from a hostile American society; to identify themselves as perpetual victims who are entitled to compensatory privileges designed to “level the playing field” in a land where discrimination would otherwise run rampant; and to reject “white” norms and traditions as part and parcel of the “racist” culture that allegedly despises blacks. It is not inconceivable that one of those traditions which many blacks have chosen to abjure is the institution of marriage.”

Things have got to get better and they will. Post your thoughts.

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