When Did Pubic Hair Go Out of Style?

Originally posted on July 14, 2014

There is nothing wrong with trimming your vaginal hair, but when did shaving it bald become a norm in society? There is no need to beat around the bush when it comes to this topic. Adults are suppose to have hair down there. Why is this becoming a trend?

According to forklore, prostitutes and strippers were known mostly to be hairless as a way to let their customers know they were free from lice. The same goes for pornography. Once women and men began to see this trend in the ‘sex business’, they began to mimic it.

According to a Yahoo Voices article, a hairless vagina on women represents weakness and submission.

Yahoo Voices writes:

In the ’80’s, sado-masochism, or S&M, became very popular. S&M porno VHS tapes were readily available, and since men could watch them in the comfort of their own homes, sales took off. In these videos, women were often portrayed as being very weak. One of the ways they tried to make themselves look weaker and more vulnerable was by shaving their pubic hair. This made them completely naked, child-like, and extremely vulnerable. The look became popular with fans of the tapes, and men probably started convincing their girlfriends to imitate the look. Girls who were fans of the videos also followed suit. This was not a widespread phenomenon like it is today, though. It was more of a small cult movement. That is until “Playboy” decided to imitate the look for one of its magazines.

While women today see the era of the ’90’s as when the look became popular, the first “Playboy” photo shoot that featured a shaved vagina didn’t take place but about seven years ago. Eventually, “Playboy” started using the look on all of its photo spreads. This is when the trend really took off. Strippers and women in the adult entertainment industry probably were some of the first to follow the trend, since they needed to be aware of what men were into sexually at the time. Guys also probably started to convince their girlfriends to imitate the look, and it just continued to spread until it became the norm with women in the U.S.

Women today shave because they think it’s sexy and it’s the look that’s “in” right now. Little do they realize that they’re imitating a look that became popular because it made women look weak and submissive.

Shaving pubic hair was a feminine thing to do. Now men are also starting to shave their pubic hairs and calling it, manscaping. Some may say manscaping plays a role in the effeminatization of men, but that’s another post for another time.

The body grows hair for a reason. Pubic hair on women protects the sensitive region from chafing during sex and also provides a dry moisture. Shaving reduces your natural scent, which is called pheromones. Pheromones is a natural chemistry that our body releases to attract our mate.

Are women taking the bald route because it’s trendy? Some women feel that hairless is too childlike. 

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