African Origins of All Asians

Originally posted on June 27, 2013

Asian people originate from Africa just like everyone else. Around 70,000 years ago, a group of Africans left the continent and migrated along the southern coast of Asia.

If you look at Asian deities, they have African features. Let’s use Buddha as an example. His hair reflects that of an African (cornrows and notty hair):

A BBC UK report from 1998 says:

Genetic researchers say they have found fresh evidence that Chinese people are descended from Africans.

The findings also add new weight to theories that all human life began in Africa.

Academics from the University of Texas and their colleagues in China studied 28 population groups in China and concluded that most – if not all – had their genetic origins in Africa.

They looked at pieces of DNA known as microsatellites, which are short, repeating DNA segments that yield information about genetic variation among people. 

A report by Science Daily published in 2001 says:

An international study of Y chromosomal DNA shows that East Asian populations migrated out of Africa and suggests that little or no interbreeding of Homo erectus and Homo sapiens occurred after the migration.

Below are pictures of the Khoisan tribe of Southern Africa. They are who scientists revealed modern Asians (and other ethnicities) originate from:

It’s believed that the light skin of the modern Asian comes from Neanderthal DNA. Scientific researchers found that all non Africans have neanderthal DNA. The Genetic Literacy writes:

Researchers also have found a peculiar pattern in non-Africans: People in China, Japan and other East Asian countries have about 20 percent more Neanderthal DNA than do Europeans.

Joshua M. Akey, a geneticist at the University of Washington, and the graduate student Benjamin Vernot recently set out to test possible explanations for the comparative abundance of Neanderthal DNA in Asians. The theory that made the most sense was that Asians inherited additional Neanderthal DNA at a later time. In this scenario, the ancestors of Asians and Europeans split, the early Asians migrated east, and there they had a second encounter with Neanderthals.

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