What Happened to Diamond and Tionda Bradley?

3 year old Diamond and her 10 year old sister Tionda was last seen July 6, 2001. The sisters stayed home alone while their mother reported to her part time job in the morning. The mother, Tracey Bradley, left for work at 6:30 am and returned home at 11:00 am. This is when she discovered that her daughters were missing.

Tionda left a note stating that she and her sister walked to a nearby school and store. According to Charley Project, Tionda was enrolled in summer classes at Doolittle Elementary School at the time, but school officials said that she was absent the day of her disappearance.

Children in the neighborhood told authorities that they saw the girls playing outside of their home at around 12:00 p.m. The girls have not been heard from or seen since.

Charley Project reports:

“Authorities said that Tracey was not cooperating with investigators in relation to her daughters’ cases. She shoved a police officer who requested that she accompany him to the precinct to discuss new leads in March 2002. Tracey was placed in handcuffs and taken to the station, where she briefly spoke with investigators. Her attorney arrived shortly thereafter and stopped the interview.

Authorities said that Tracey missed several scheduled appointments with detectives in the past. Tracey’s spiritual advisor told the media that officers had violated her rights by forcibly taking her to the precinct. Authorities said that Tracey was physically combative and they needed to restrain her in handcuffs.”

Chicago authorities are not considering her a suspect.

In May 2008, a Houston girl with a profile on Myspace was connected to Tionda. A forensics artist confirmed, using three photos of the girl, that she was without a doubt Tionda Bradley.

Here is the age progression photo of Tionda:

The Chicago Defender reported:

“After waiting and hoping for more than six years, the family of two missing Chicago sisters have the most solid lead yet on one of the girls. A Texas-based forensic artist confirmed a picture on the Internet site, MySpace, is that of Tionda Bradley.

At the family’s request, Houston Police Department forensic artist Lois Gibson compared three Internet photos of a girl that looks like Tionda to five photos obtained by the Bradley family of the missing girl taken seven years ago. Based on her analysis, there is no doubt that it is Tionda.”

A California man declared that the girl was not Tionda, but was his daughter. Days later, a DNA test stated that she was not Tionda.

Important, but unanswered questions are:

Why would a 25 year forensic veteran put their reputation on the line by stating the girl was in “no doubt” Tionda?

How was the Houston girl connected to Tionda?

Sounds familiar, right?

In May 2002, 81 miles west of Chicago in Milwaukee, WI, 7 year old Alexis Patterson went missing. She disappeared after being walked to school by her stepdad.

In 2016, a man connected his ex wife to Alexis Patterson. He even took the woman’s children to Milwaukee to visit Alexis’ mom. DNA results came back negative.

Alexis’ mother, Ayanna Patterson, did not believe the results. Nor did the ex husband. In fact, Ayanna stated that authorities were never given anything containing Alexis DNA. She also stated that she had just given her own DNA to authorities only a day prior to the results being revealed.

The question that was not answered is:

How did the man connect his ex wife to Alexis Patterson?

Conspiracy Theory

These stories connect as they both involve someone being connected to the missing person years after their disappearance. However, no one is providing HOW they were connected to the missing person in the first place. Also, instead of the news outlets holding out on the story until DNA is tested, they report the story as if it’s true. This is why conspiracy theorists’ believe these reports are created to simply disclose the missing persons whereabouts. Conspiracy theorists’ believe these children (and thousands of other children in the U.S.) are victims of professional kidnappers whose job is to watch and observe their victims before they go in for the snatch. The children are then sold into human trafficking or victims of organ harvesting.

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