Conspiracy Theory: Rapper Gucci Mane Has Been Cloned

Originally posted on July 5, 2016

Fact is stranger than fiction. Think outside of the BOX, ask questions and do research. Back in 1997, scientist cloned a sheep and named it Dolly. Do you think humans can’t be cloned? The signs are in the movies and television.

Before we get into the cloning of Gucci Mane, you need to understand the difference between a clone, synthetic and humanoid:

A human clone is the creation of a genetically identical copy of a human.

Synthetics look like humans on the outside, but are robotic machines on the inside.

humanoid is a robot that has the shape of a human.

What would be the purpose of a human clone? Control. There has been a conspiracy theory surrounding human cloning for decades. In the recent decade or so, it’s been said that many big entertainers and other public figures have multiple clones for several purposes; 1) having them in more than one place at one time, 2) mind control and 3) money. There are several former government officials that speak on human cloning. A simple search on the net would lead you to a few. One that seems to be popular is a man named George Green. There is also a man named Donald Marshall that says he was cloned and his clone was used by the elite and several well known public figures for torture, sex and song writing.

Rapper B.O.B. and Tela Tequila are two well-known entertainers that have openly discussed cloning in the world of entertainment (this includes athletes). It’s ironic that B.O.B. mentioned celebrity cloning via Twitter only a few months prior to rapper Gucci Mane’s release from Federal prison. Several years ago conspiracy theories circulated claiming that rapper Eminem was cloned over a decade ago. So, this isn’t a new thing.

Check out these lyrics from rapper B.O.B:

Bob, miss me with them conscious lyrics
You sound just like the one percenters
You must of did a bunch of acid
Either that or you just fucking with us
You want to be a star, sell out concert tickets?
A mansion and a Hollywood subdivision?
You get the fame under one condition
You get copied at the cloning center

They kill ‘em with a common ending
Overdose from a drug addiction
Same story, same headline
A stroke, a heart attack, an aneurysm
Celebrities and politicians
Just to name a couple members
Rituals and pedophilia
Sacrifices, blood religion
The queen of England got arrest warrants
For the disappearance of a dozen children

Do your research on the topic
The same time every year kids come up missing
But you so focused on who fucking who you don’t realize who fucking you
You so suckered into who fucking who you don’t realize who fucking you motherfucker
Bend over, bend over
Grab your ankles, touch your knees, bend over
Motherfucker, bend over, bend over
Grab your ankles, touch your knees, bend over motherfucker
You be bugging off of who fucking who you don’t realize who fucking you
You be bugging off of who fucking who you don’t realize who fucking you motherfucker
Bend, bend, bend, bend, bend
Get, get, get bent motherfucker

Now, let’s talk Gucci Mane:

Rapper Gucci Mane has a big influence in rap music. He is a very popular rapper, especially with the less informed. He was released from federal prison two months ago after serving close to three years. Conspiracy theorists believe Gucci refused to play the game and is still in prison or locked away somewhere while his clone was put out into the public. Gucci was very vocal about the industry and released some secrets via a twitter rant shortly before going to prison. Perhaps those tweets were the reason for him getting placed in prison. Actor Roseanne Bar said during an interview if an entertainer goes against the system, they’ll either be murdered, placed in prison and/or publicly humiliated.

The Gucci Mane cloned conspiracy theory began to circulate when Gucci was photographed without his ice cream tattoo which is on the right side of his face. 

Let’s talk about the ice cream tattoo:

People think this was a signature of some sort, but honestly ask yourself why would someone like Gucci get an ICE CREAM CONE on his face? Some conspiracy theorists believe this was either 1) a clone back when he first got the tattoo or 2) his public humiliation (as mentioned by Roseanne Bar).

Once people noticed Gucci’s missing tattoo, the tattoo reappeared. How strange is that? He speaks differently and his weight is different, but this is all debatable. He could have lost weight in prison and read books. Many men have come out of prison more educated and enlightened. Some believe he was not cloned, but placed under mind control, making him an MK Ultra victim. MK Ultra was a mind control program funded by the US government back in the 50s, but is said to still be used today. Again, a simple search on the net would lead you to several people who make claims of being former MK Ultra victims. A well-known self-proclaimed former mind control victim would be a woman named Brice Taylor. Taylor says she was placed under MK Ultra and used as a sex slave for top public figures. According to Roseanne, MK Ultra is very big in Hollywood and a majority of celebrities are MK Ultra victims.

Regardless if he has been cloned or placed under mind control, Gucci Mane is a puppet and is being used like a majority of entertainers to perpetuate an IMAGE of materialism, coonery and to ultimately help push an agenda. “The powers that be” know an overwhelming number of people who are easily influenced are going to do whatever they see their favorite entertainer doing. Although the real Gucci might be smarter than people may think, his music would lead someone to think otherwise. His tattoos include cartoon characters (idol worship) and symbols from CLOTHING BRANDS (material worship)! People might say, “it’s just music,” but music does have an influence on the subconscious mind. People that KNOW BETTER are careful of what kind of music they listen to. Rapper DMX once said, “Don’t just listen to the beat, listen to the words in a song.”

Comedian Kevin Hart did an interview with Stan Verrett admitting that he had about three clones. Of course people are going to say this was a joke, but conspiracy theorists will argue that “the powers that be” put truth in plain sight because it goes right over the average persons head.

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