The Root Races Theory

There is a theory that there are five root races associated with the earth. According to this theory, the planets and moons in our solar system are connected to these root races.

Those that believe in this theory believe that the earth consists of four rings of physical land beginning in the center and rippling outwards. Similar to the image below:

The center is considered to be the zero point access (magnetic north pole).

Beyond earth, there are extra terrestrial lands inhabited by E.T. civilizations known as E.T. outer and inner space, E.T. outer and inner earth.

The four dimensional rings of earth each has their own solar systems, seasons and their own sun and moons, which are our 7 current wandering stars:

The first ring/realm: Mercury

The second ring/realm: Apollo/Artemis

The third ring/realm: Mars/Venus

The fourth ring/realm: Saturn/Jupiter

Aztec, Mayan and Darma Wheel are a few ancient calendars that knew all time operates in a pattern. Everything has beginning and an end. For example, sunrise, midday, sunset, midnight.

An epoch is a cosmic day and can also be referred to as an era. An epoch lasts 24,000 years. We are currently one quarter past the 5th epoch cycle.

Just like there are four earth dimensions, there are four human root races associated with each realm:





The master root race lives in the center and are called polarians. Polarians do not have a definite color or race. They are often depicted as being indigo bluish beings. The very middle point of earth is where the gods live. It’s where the earth and the heavens meet. The polarians are believed to be able to transfer between the heavens and the center realms. They are believed to be the very first forms of earth beings to manifest. Every other race was seeded by them. Polarians are regulated by Neptune. 24,000 years later, polarians created the hyperboreans.

Hyperborean is the first ring/realm, also called a pole shift. This is said to be the garden of eden. 24,000 years later, the lumerians are created.

After 24,000 years, the lumerian created the atlantians who are said to be the current 24,000 years. The atlantians were seeded out by the current most recent pole shift.

The Aryans joined the human race over 6,000 years ago. Its solar system is mercury.

There are four main races:

Afro/black: Hyperboreans (annunaki)

Oriental/Asian: Lumerians (reptilians)

Indo Asian: Atlantians (current atlantians)

Caucasian: Aryans (fallen angels)

The cardinal shift is current and each race will experience their own dooms days/shift:

Aryan: bronze to silver

Atlantian: iron to bronze

Lumerian: gold to iron

Hyperborean: gold to gold

The theory is that on December 20, 2020 there will be a cosmic event seen by everyone in our solar universe. January, 1, 2021 domains will fall back into place as they were.

Helen Blavatsky is who the root races theory traces back to. Who the different root races are today has several interpretations. Blavatsky is said to have been a satanist. According to meta-physician Stuart Wilde, in the Secret Doctrine, she says “Lucifer represents, life, thought, progress, civilization, liberty and independence. Lucifer is the Logos, the Serpent, the Savior.It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God.”

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4 years ago

amateur writing that could only be written by a neophyte with all sorts of stuff misrepresented. there are not 4 root races but 7 of which we are the 5th.

4 years ago

Where do the indigenous people fit in here?