Is R. Kelly a Freemason?

In 2002, a sex tape surfaced of singer and song writer R. Kelly having sex with a 14 year girl. The girl’s aunt, Stephanie “Sparkle” Edwards, said it was in fact her niece on the tape. Sparkle was working on music with R. Kelly. She is the person that introduced her niece to him in hopes that he would help the young girl with her music career. After the girl’s parents denied it was her in the video, charges against R. Kelly were dropped.

In 2017, R. Kelly was accused of keeping young women hostage in both his Atlanta and Chicago homes and using them as his personal sex slaves. In a Lifetime TV network documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, R. Kelly’s former team or workers gave detailed accounts of disturbing behaviors R. Kelly would exhibit. The documentary also included accounts from women that were his “sex slaves” who had “escaped” from his home. In the documentary, a couple of women stated that some of the young women living with R. Kelly have been with him since they were 14 and 15 years old.

It seems odd that R. Kelly has gotten away with sleeping with under aged girls, especially considering the reports of several videos (of under aged girls) seized from R. Kelly’s home in 2002. In R. Kelly’s Cookie video he is wearing what appears to be Freemason attire. Conspiracy theorists believe R. Kelly is a member of the organization, which explains why he has gotten away with the sex scandals.

According to the Masonic Dictionary website, a plain white apron “is a distinguishing badge worn by every member of the Masonic Order, and without which no brother can be admitted within the portals of a Lodge, nor allowed to take part in any Masonic procession of solemnity. “

R. Kelly in white apron

R. Kelly is also seen in the video wearing a masonic collar with a 5 point star pendant. If you conduct an internet search on Freemasonry, pictures of masons wearing collars and aprons will show up in the search results. The meaning of the collar and apron, however, is not easy to find as there are various sources reporting various meanings.

R. Kelly is collar and 5 point star pendant

Below is a photo of Theodore Roosevelt in both an apron and collar, very similar to what R. Kelly is seen wearing in his music video. He is also said to have been a mason.

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5 years ago

Looks like it. Maybe that’s why he thought he was untouchable.