The Michael Jackson Conspiracy Theory

It’s called show business for a reason. It seems many people forget that entertainers are just that: entertainers. Their job is to portray a certain image to the public. Michael Jackson, arguably the most popular entertainer in the world, portrayed an eccentric person that never had a childhood, so he lived out his childhood as an adult. He called himself Peter Pan. His home, Neverland Ranch, even had an amusement park.

Unlike his child like image, Michael was getting high on a daily basis as he was addicted to the prescription pain medication, Demerol. This was revealed after the singer died from a reported accidental drug over dose on June 25, 2009.

The first sexual molestation allegations against Michael surfaced in 1993. A dentist, Evan Chandler, accused the singer of sexually abusing his 13 year old son. According to CNN, “Jackson agreed to pay $15,331,250 to be held in a trust fund for the accuser, as well as $1.5 million to each of his parents. The accuser may have also received another seven-figure payment not specified in the agreement. Additionally, the plaintiff’s lawyer was slated to receive $5 million. In exchange, the accuser and his parents agreed to not pursue civil claims against Jackson.” Jackson’s team insisted that the singer was being extorted.

Living with Michael Jackson is a documentary that aired February 2003. In the documentary, Michael admitted to having sleep overs and sharing his bed with children. Michael insisted that it was not sexual. In fact, he was holding hands with the same boy who accused him of molestation just months after the documentary aired.

In June 2003, Michael was charged with “nine counts — seven of child molestation and two of administering an intoxicating agent for the purpose of committing a felony. The charges against the singer were filed nearly a month after local authorities raided his Neverland Ranch home,” reported CNN. Michael was acquitted of all charges in 2005.

Due to the image Michael portrayed, his die hard fans did not believe he was a predator. Comedian Katt Williams, on the other hand, had a difference of opinion. He believed Michael was a predator. He said this about Michael Jackson during his 2006 comedy special, Pimp Chronicles:

“F–k Michael! Telling niggas that paid good money for him s–t that don’t make no g– damn sense. Talking about he put his nigga d–k in a white woman and came out with two babies that ain’t mixed. Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to, nigga?”

Michael’s Kids

“When was the last time Michael was in a relationship you believed? He showing up to press conferences with Emmanuel Lewis on his hip. We’re like, aww that’s cute. Forgetting that Emmanuel Lewis was 26 years at the time!”

Katt then implied that Michael had things at his home to lure children and make them feel comfortable:

“What would Michael do if he was trying to make little boys feel comfortable? I don’t know an amusement park, some g– damn animals, videos games, free candy. “

Image of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

Debbie Rowe, the alleged mother of the two oldest children, stated that she and Michael never had intercourse and that she had almost no contact with the children. In 2009, Mark Lester, an osteopath and acupuncturist who knew Michael personally, said that Michael asked him to be a sperm donor and he believes the children are his. There were also reports that surfaced alleging that Debbie was merely a surrogate and not the mother of any of the children.

The HBO documentary, Leaving Neverland, aired on Monday and Tuesday in a two part special. The documentary recounts the allegations from 36 year old Wade Robinson and James Safechuck, who is 41. Both were friends of Jackson in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They both now say that Jackson kissed them, masturbated in front of them, and engaged in oral sex with them.

The allegations made by these two are being questioned because they both have stated in the past that Michael never touched them inappropriately. Both were children then, but in 2005 Wade testified in court (as an adult in his 20s) and said under oath that Michael never touched him.

The late activist and comedian, Dick Gregory, made claims that Michael was murdered by a laser and not by an accidental drug overdose. He also said that the child abuse allegations made against Michael were not true. Dick, who knew Michael personally, believes he would never harm a child.

Why does Dick Gregory believe Michael was murdered? Dick has said in a few interviews that he had to take Michael to the hospital because he would not eat or drink. He said Michael’s words were, “they are trying to poison me.” Dick believed it was because Michael owned 50% of Sony ATV music publishing company.

In 1985, Michael purchased ATV music publishing. In 1995, Sony offered Jackson $110 million for a 50% stake in a combined ATV and Sony Music Publishing joint venture.

It is also common knowledge that Michael purchased the masters of several highly successful music artist including Little Richard, Sly and the Family Stone and the Beatles.

Owning masters is a big deal in the music industry. Most of the artist do not own rights to their music unless they are unsigned. This is why singer Prince wrote the word “slave” on his face. He did this to express that he was just a slave and the music industry was his owner.

On April 18, 2014, it was reported by that Prince gained ownership of his catalog. Prince was found dead in his home elevator on April 21, 2016.

Sam Cooke is regarded as being one of the most important soul singers in history. As an artist with great mainstream appeal, RCA records was desperate to get him. Sam knew he was a highly sought after artist. So, before he signed with RCA, his conditions were that he would have full rights to his music, own all the master recordings, and lease them back to RCA. Sam signed with RCA in 1960. He also started his own record label.

On December 11, 1964, Sam was murdered at a hotel in Los Angeles. That night at a party, he met an attractive woman who asked him to join her at the Hacienda Motel later for a drink. Sam took her up on the offer. While at the Hacienda, she removed his clothes, stole his wallet, and went screaming down the hallway to the front desk, telling the desk person Cooke had tried to rape her, and she was fearing for her life. Cooke, who was naked, ran after the woman wanting his clothes and wallet back. As he approached her, he was shot and killed by the front desk person. The police ruled in the woman’s favor, and as far as they were concerned, it was a closed case.

The rumor is that there was a conspiracy to murder Sam. Allegedly, the girl was working with RCA record executives and the entire ordeal was a set up.

Before Michael died, there was a lot of attention put on his financial status. The mainstream media often referred to him as broke. Back then, it was not common knowledge that he was a business man. Now, it seems like those reports were nothing more than smear campaigns.

In May 2016, Sony bought Michael Jackson’s half of Sony ATV for $750 million.

Brice Taylor, a woman who claims to have been born into MK Ultra victim hood and served as mind controlled sex slave to top entertainers and politicians, says she witnessed Michael be sexually abused as a child. She claims that Michael was also an MK Ultra victim. This claim, however, leads to the question of how Michael was able to purchase ATV if he was being mind controlled? Was it after his programming wore off?

Was Michael a target because of the music rights he owned? Or, was Michael a product of his environment and his wrong doings were being used against him?

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