The Scientist That Created White People

Originally posted on February 9, 2014

Elijah Muhammad of The Nation of Islam wrote a book titled, The Father of Man-Kind. In the book he teaches that the white race was created by an evil scientist named Yakub. Yakub set out to create a group of people opposite from his own. According to the story of Yakub, the first white man appeared only about 6,000 year ago on the island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea after a 600 year breeding process called “grafting”.

Yakub’s mother and father died when he was five years old, so he was raised by his uncle. Yakub was emotionally disturbed and rebellious. He was teased in school because of his extremely large head. He was given the nickname, “the big head scientist” because he was smarter than his peers. At age six, Yakub was in his uncle’s back yard playing with two magnets. He noticed the power of attraction, “unalike attracts and like repels.” He then told his uncle, “when I get to be an older man, I’m going to make people to rule you.” his uncle replied, “Yakub, do you not know that if you make a man other than the original man who is already here on the Planet Earth, you will be making the devil himself?” Yakub replied, “Nevertheless, I know that which you know not.”

By the age of 18, Yakub graduated from the colleges and universities of his nation. 20 miles outside of present day Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Yakub began to teach his doctrine called, “Tricknology”. His Holy book was called, The Book of Tricknology of 120°. He told his followers if they follow his doctrine, they could rule the world for 6,000 years and make slaves of everyone else. Yakub’s large following and teachings began to intimate the King of his nation, so he was put in jail.

Yakub and the King made a deal while he was in jail. The deal was for the King to give him and his followers everything they needed to start their own civilization and leave their current land. Yakub and his 59,999 followers moved to the island Patmos in the Aegean Sea. There he formed his government headed with a nurse, doctor, priest and cremator.

According to the Final Call, the Nation Of Islam’s official newspaper, the blacks who came with Yakub to the island were placed under a system of laws by which mating was based on skin color and in which only lighter-complexioned babies were allowed to survive. Over the course of many generations, the population of Patmos began to grow lighter and lighter until, after 600 years of this dedicated grafting process, the people became very pale with blue eyes and blonde hair.

95% of Yakub’s followers discovered that this “grafting” process included killing people, so they lost loyalty to his mission. Yakub had intense hatred in his heart and died of a brain tumor at age 150. His remaining followers carried on his mission.

Of the 600 year process, it took 200 years to create the rubedoid “red man”, 200 years to create the citrinoid “yellow man” and the final 200 years to create the albinoid “white man”. The albinoids returned to Yacub’s childhood home, 20 miles outside of Mecca. It only took them six months to cause chaos in the lands. The albinoids were stripped of their clothing, dressed in aprons and sent to cross the hot desert and go into Europe to live.

The albinoids stayed in the Caucus mountains and caves for 2,000 years. There they became savage, moral-less shameless and psychopathic. They started to walk on their hands and knees like animals and eat raw meat. They even ate each other and their babies. The albinoids tamed the wolf to live with them in the caves. The wolf became the dog, which then became their best friend.

Moses was sent to Europe to civilize the albinoids. Once they were out of their caves, they went on a rampage throughout Earth and Yakub’s 6,000 of rule came into affect. They caused choas and destruction wherever they went.

An article found on says many scriptures in the Bible are referring to Yakub:

“His separation of the colors from each other is shown in Genesis 30:40. In the same book (verse 37), it shows that he had begun working with the Brown, Red and Yellow, to make the “white” (caucasian) appear that was in the rods (their sperms) through these things Mr. Yakub came up with the devil.”

“Many places in the bible will show that a people were grafted from another without any uncertainty. For instance, the Acts 17:26, shows Mr. Yakub must have made or grafted his people (white man) from the Black, for Allah Himself created all nations of one blood. Of course, these nations are the Brown, Red and Yellow. The fifth parties are not really a Nation, but a “race”, a group of 400,000,000 people-beast racing with time! In the same verse it shows that, as the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said, these Yakub grafted devils were doomed, or limited from the day they were grafted. The bounds of their habitation on our planet earth was 6,000, and we bear witness he is some 50 years overdue, and only Allah is the best knower! as to how many more days he will be allowed to dwell here in this wilderness (called earth in the bible to throw us off). Verse 42 of the same chapter further proves it was the lighter babies being separated from the dark, in it, it says; “when the cattle were feeble=light (REMEMBER THE LIGHTER THEY GOT, THE FEEBLER IN REALITY THEY WERE), he (Yakub) put them not in (meaning, not among the Dark); the feeble was Labin’s, and the stronger Jacob’s (Yakub’s). This can be easily understood, because Yakub was a jet Black man. Stronger Yakub’s; meaning like Yakub. If there be further doubt in our minds to this and we have an understanding of the bible, we can see where it was predicted, that we, the Black people, had two Nations in our sperm (called womb in Genesis 25:23). In the very same verse it also shows that one people shall be stronger of the two, and for that matter, all others. Verse 23 also further shows the elder would serve the young, we bear witness that we are the elder, for it has not been recorded in history our beginning, over here or over there, yet we know that we have served a boy who is the young AND IS ONLY SIX DAYS OLD! Brother, Mr. Yakub also got an idea about making devils by seeing that his parents had produced a light and a dark baby, as shown in Genesis 25:25.”

The site’s article also says albinos being unclean and degenerate when going into Europe is mentioned in the Bible:

“Seeing that Allah had turned His back on these people (or was punishing them for their evils done in the Holy Land), they became degenerates, as Romans 1:24 tells us, in the 2,000 years they were in the caves. Allah gave them up to uncleanliness through the lust of their own heart (minds) to dishonor their own bodies, and have succeeded in making many of our Holy Black Brothers and Sisters take part in such, for them seeing and being as they are, cannot be freaks, but can only take part. Romans 1:25 shows us that they changed the truth of Allah into a lie.”

“Roman 1: 26-27 shows us of how the men turned to each other, receiving in themselves that recompense of their error, which was meat. In short, homosexuality. The women changed the natural use of their bodies. They at one time ate their little ones after giving birth to them, as Deuteronomy 28:53 tells us.”

The great black leader and revolutionary, Malcolm X, was a member of the Nation of Islam before forming his own organization. During his time with the NOI, he spoke about Yakub:

” He wanted the people to undergo a form of life that would make them tough and hard, and the other scientists wouldn’t agree with him. So this scientist named Shabazz took his family and wandered down into the jungles of Africa. Prior to that time no one lived in the jungles. Our people were soft; they were black but they were soft and delicate, fine. They had straight hair. Right here on this Earth you find some of them look like that today. They are black as night, but their hair is like silk, and originally all our people had that kind of hair. But this scientist took his family down into the jungles of Africa, and living in the open, living a jungle life, eating all kinds of food had an effect on the appearance of our people. Actually living in the rough climate, our hair became stiff, like it is now.”

Malcolm X, The End of White World Supremacy: Four Speeches by Malcolm X, Arcade Publishing, 1989, p.46

The 6,000 year rule would have ended in 1914. Does that make this story of Yakub mythology?

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3 years ago

Jacob is an ethnic scientist, setting the chattel before the rods is code for racial breeding, feeble means white, etc Sheer unmitigated bs.

3 years ago

Well, you are right about Jacob and Esau being two nations. Jacob was described as “fair”, Esau as “red”, which means “dark”. Also calling them two nations, the dark one serving the fair one. No sperm can contain two nations without being a brown mix, unable to create a white person . Albinism is a black phenomenon, like other skin defects of admixture. How is that possible to get a pure white, and an apparently mixed son? A process where two different men impregnate a white woman, at likely the same time, as boy sperm is less durable and only… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Angela

Angela: “White” comes from “black” (certainly not the way you describe it.)
With all their flaws, even, “white” scientists of genome, and Deoxyribonucleic acid have proven this. And, albinism is prevalent among the original black progenitors, as well as ALL ‘mankind’ (kind of original man.) Especially after “race-mixing.” So, try and rationalize those pesky “freckles” or better yet- vitiligo! You simply can’t.


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